In Our Family We...

Love fiercely, Love God, Love others, Protect the Weak and have all the fun!


Jesse's Girl...

Just little babies we really had NO IDEA what was coming for us! We started dating and basically immediately knew that we would one day get married. On our first "date" we actually agreed that we would name our firstborn son Ezekiel James. I later tried to change that but as you may know Ezekiel (Zeke) came into our teensy family just two years after we got married!



Adopting was never on my radar. We had friends that adopted but I never thought we would. When we moved to Texas all of that changed and 3 years later we welcomed our sweet Zoe home. Those 3 years in process were the hardest, darkest and longest years of my life. But I know the Lord was with me in every step of the waiting.


Our three amigos

These three kids - Zeke, Titus, and Zoe - are the light of my life. The older they get the cooler they become. I love their humor, their joys, and even their dislikes because thats what makes them THEM. 

We get asked a lot how the boys "Handled" Zoe coming into the family and they really are the best big brothers. They speak (Sign) her language and stand up for her when necessary and best of all they fight just as siblings should.


Adventure is out there!

We may not be the coolest family ever but we know how to pose with Princesses! 

We LOVE Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars, and on any random Friday night you'll find us at home, on the couch with pizza, popcorn and snacks having a family movie night!


We really do love having fun..

Laughter, and silliness are our love language. I hope you know that we are just your average family.

I have a temper that rivals my mommas. 

I too often give the best of me to strangers on the internet and not my family.

And I care WAY too much what others think.

But!! I know that I am not alone...AND NEITHER ARE YOU!! Together we are better!


"It's easy to spot the strong women.
They're the ones lifting each other up, not tearing each other down."